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Jesse Rasanen began his music career in 2013 in Stephenville, TX as an acoustic artist.  As shows became more demanding, he quickly shifted gears and formed his first band.  This led into a full career in music, playing bars and clubs across the Southern United States.  In 2015 Jesse was presented an opportunity to learn the business side of the industry working as a full time tour manager in the Texas music scene for a Dallas-based band called Prophets and Outlaws.  Throughout the years as a tour manager and "roadie", Jesse was quickly able to network within the Texas country music scene and open new doors and career growth never before possible.  

Working with multiple acts down the road, Jesse had become fluent in all aspects of tour life and music.  Hustling in all positions in music business, Jesse learned the ropes of just what it takes to become a success.

In 2020 he was blessed with one of life's greatest gifts.  Jesse and his wife welcomed their first child in July.  Being new parents, he quickly shifted gears and began working in his family tire business to ensure the financial prosperity needed to be a family man.

Although he temporarily left music, the music never left him.  Consistently writing new songs, he was not ready to quit.  In 2023 Jesse hit the recording studio with the intent to show he has what it takes to make it in a cut throat industry.  Roadie is an album dedicated to prove that it is never too late to chase your dreams.  The seven track record is out now on all digital distribution music platforms

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